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When you’re involved in a car accident, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. You may not know the first thing about filing a claim or navigating the legal system, and that’s why it’s important to find a car accident lawyer who can help. But how do you choose the right lawyer for your case? Let us help you through this stressful time with these tips to choose the right accident lawyer for your case.

1. Research Your Options

The first thing to do when choosing a car accident lawyer is to research your options. Look for lawyers in your area who specialize in car accident cases. Read reviews from past clients and find out if they have the experience and qualifications to handle your case.

2. Ask Questions

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential lawyers, it’s time to start asking questions. You’ll want to know what type of experience they have with car accident cases, as well as how they plan to approach your case. It’s also important to ask questions about their fees and payment schedule.

3. Look at Their Track Record

A lawyer’s track record is a great indicator of their success rate. Look at their past cases to see how they handled them and how successful they were. This will help you get an idea of the type of results they can achieve for you.

4. Seek Recommendations

If you know someone who has gone through a car accident case, ask them for recommendations. They may be able to provide you with insight into the process and point you in the direction of a trusted lawyer.

5. Schedule a Consultation

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential lawyers, it’s time to schedule a consultation. This is your chance to meet with the lawyer and get a better sense of their qualifications, experience, and approach to your case. It’s also the time to ask any additional questions you may have.


Choosing the right car accident lawyer is important when filing a claim or navigating the legal system. The tips above will help you find the right lawyer for your case. Make sure to do your research, ask questions, look at their track record, seek recommendations, and schedule a consultation. With the right lawyer on your side, you can increase your chances of getting the best outcome for your case.

Personal loss of property, whether caused by damage or theft, may be upsetting, but if you learn what to anticipate from the property claims process, you’ll be better prepared to deal with the issue. These five tips will assist you in navigating the claim process. 


1. Report to the Police and Assess the Damage 

If your Florida home has been broken into, you should first report it to the police. If you file a theft claim, you must present a police report to your insurance provider to verify the specifics of the incident. 

Otherwise, before calling your insurer after a natural calamity such as a tornado or wildfire, examine the damage. Keep anything that has been wrecked or damaged instead of tossing it away so you can document it for the insurance adjuster to analyze everything. 


2. Notify Your Insurer 

Inform your insurance provider about the incident. Your insurance company’s claim representative will most likely tell you if your plan covers the damage and how much time you have to make a claim. You could also be given a rough approximation of the damage amount, as well as if or not it surpasses your deductible. 


3. Complete The Claims Forms 

You should then complete the claim forms that your insurer will mail to you or make available through their online portal. One such documentation is the proof-of-loss form, on which you enter your personal details, the source of the loss, the portion of your home or property on which you are claiming damages, and the projected loss amount. You may also send photographic or video documentation of the damage at this stage. 

According to legislation, you must receive the claim paperwork within a particular time limit after notifying your insurer of the incident. Once you’ve completed the relevant documentation, make sure to return it to your insurance company as soon as possible to minimize delays. 


4. Prepare for The Insurance Inspector 

Your claim could also necessitate a visit from an insurance adjuster, especially if it involves structural damage to your property. Before compensation can be processed, the adjuster must analyze the damage and verify numerous facts. The examination may involve but is not limited to the following items: 

  • Providing any evidence to the adjuster, such as receipts, pictures, or a house inventory.
  • Confirming that your coverage covers the damage.
  • In-depth examination of your property’s structure.
  • If you’ve made a liability claim, the insurance adjuster may request contact details of physicians, attorneys, or anyone familiar with your claim.
  • An extensive discussion with you, the insured.


5. Examine Your Compensation 

You’ll get a settlement offer when the insurance inspector completes their study. Examine the settlement offer carefully since accepting it will result in the closure of your claim. If the offer does not cover your damages, you can request your insurance company to re-evaluate your claim. 

If you are still dissatisfied with the result, you have the option of hiring a lawyer. A lawyer will analyze your claim and can assist you in negotiating a reasonable settlement with your insurer. 

Property damage claims might vary based on the circumstances. Using common sense, asking plenty of questions, and remaining proactive in the claim process can help you get the best outcome possible.

Contact Cameron Law Group for assistance throughout the homeowners’ insurance claim process. We understand how insurance companies work and how to secure fair reimbursement for your claim. 

If you have questions about what makes personal injury lawyers different from other kinds of practice specialties, this post is for you. Personal injury lawyers help you or someone you love after an injury. It’s never recommended to represent yourself when an accident due to someone else’s negligence results in injuries.

A personal injury lawyer protects your legal rights. Because personal injury law is widely considered one of the most complex parts of the law to understand, an experienced personal injury attorney Tamarac has the expertise and knowledge you need. In Florida, a “no-fault” insurance state, you must first request compensation for medical bills and lost wages from PPI.

However, if you suffered a serious injury, your hospital bills, doctor visits, rehab costs, and lost income will probably exceed PPI thresholds. Contact us now to discuss your case.

How Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Different?

Personal injury lawyers often have various characteristics and traits that distinguish them from other lawyers. For instance, a personal injury lawyer and a civil attorney are both legal professionals and both assist others in settling disputes, but the two practices of law are distinct from each other:

• Importantly, your personal injury lawyer is unlikely to request fees or retainers until they win just compensation for your claim. Other lawyers must charge retainers in advance of their service delivery. The costs of hiring your lawyer for civil litigation or any other legal specialty can add up quickly—especially if you’re worried about lost wages and income from work.

• If you’re seriously injured and have financial concerns about paying for hospital bills, medical care, property damages, and more, you may ask how it’s possible to afford the high cost of a personal injury lawyer. Your personal injury lawyer in Tamarac isn’t paid unless you’re compensated for your injuries because they work on a contingency fee basis. This is also referred to as a performance-related fee.

Personal Injury Lawyer Tamarac

There are lots of scenarios in which you need to engage a personal injury lawyer—and not only for a car collision or related case. If you develop any physical injury due to another person or entity’s negligence, you need a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injuries can result from vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, medical malpractice, an animal bite, and much more. Look for a personal injury lawyer with experience in handling these cases.

Some personal injury lawyers also work with clients injured at work or in car accidents. These attorneys will sometimes work with clients who may have caused accidents, claim partial responsibility for an accident, or have been negligent in an accident or medical care matter.

Because personal injury lawyers frequently work on a contingency basis, they’re compensated only if their clients win at court (or if the case settles in the client’s favor before it reaches the courtroom).

Personal Injury Law in Florida

Successful personal injury lawyers have a deep understanding of tort law. These laws govern personal injury cases and protect the individual’s rights if they’re victimized by another party’s wrongful conduct. Personal injury law focuses mostly on the victim’s financial damages and doesn’t devolve into a criminal matter even if significant wrongdoing occurred.

Your personal injury lawyer will handle your case from start to completion:

• They gather evidence and proof to support the case.

• They consider how your injuries have affected your body and emotions. Damages are assessed in your financial compensation claim.

• They protect your legal rights and interests. They ensure that you’re paid just compensation for property damage and injuries.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Tamarac

Florida’s no-fault laws may seem confusing if you’re injured in an accident. Call Cameron Law Group to schedule a confidential and free case evaluation.

There are several steps in filing a civil lawsuit after a personal injury. The first and most important is to contact a trial attorney in Tamarac. At Cameron Law Group, our team of experienced personal injury lawyers can help you receive the compensation you need to recover and regain some semblance of normalcy. Whether you have been involved in a car accident, the victim of medical negligence, had a slip and fall, or any other injury, we are all the trial lawyers you need to put the wheels in motion.  

Although many civil lawsuits can be resolved outside of court, some make their way to the courtroom. If this happens, you will need a lawyer with prior trial experience to defend you. Our team will carry the brunt of the work as we defend you in front of a judge or jury. Nevertheless, there is some preparation you must do to make a good first impression. If you would like to know what’s expected of you during the trial, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Deadlines & Show up on Time

After you have filed a lawsuit, now comes paperwork and hearings to attend. It may go without saying, but it is crucial that all deadlines are met, such as choosing a jury trial or a judge. There is no leeway if you miss a deadline and if this happens, the odds are less in your favor. In addition to submitting paperwork on time, you must attend a preliminary hearing. Even though it is not the actual trial, it determines the strength of your case. It is recommended that you show up 20 to 30 minutes before the expected time and come prepared with any documents your attorney advises you to bring.

You won’t be doing any of this on your own. Our team will help you prepare before your trial date, but we also advise that you visit the court’s website to review the local rules.

Do Your Homework

The internet can be an excellent source of information. If this is your first time going to trial, it is a good idea to watch videos and learn what is expected from the plaintiff. We also recommend you learn some of the legal terminologies before your preliminary hearing, so you stay abreast of all the developments as they unfold.

If you would like to go one step further with your research, contact the court clerk to find out which judge will be presiding. Every judge has his or her own style and set of expectations. Learning as much as you can about the judge can give you a slight advantage that you can’t afford to lose.

Learn Everything About Your Case

It is not enough to simply make a claim. Your claim must be backed by a series of facts known as admissible evidence. We will gather the necessary evidence to help build your case, such as obtaining CCTV footage at an accident scene, collecting eyewitness statements, and gathering documents to prove the defendant is liable. In addition to this, if you are going to take the stand, it’s important that you rehearse everything you plan to say. Always be consistent with your story, tell the truth, and work on techniques to remain calm.

Part of knowing your case is to look at it from the other side’s perspective. Are there any weaknesses that need to be fixed? Is there a hole in your story that needs clarification? We will work with you to perfect your testimony.

Be Respectful

Preparation involves more than meeting deadlines, gathering important paperwork, and rehearsing your testimony. You should also remember to be respectful of everyone present, including the defendant. This may be an emotional time, but it’s important now to show your emotions in the courtroom. Even if you don’t think anyone is watching, you should:

  • Stay calm and quiet
  • Never look petty
  • Never interrupt someone while they’re speaking
  • Never speak out unless someone addresses you
  • Be patient

When it’s your turn to speak, remember to address the judge as “your honor.” This is the correct honorific address to use. Anything else, such as “sir,” or “ma’am,” is inappropriate. Being respectful of courtroom decorum may initially take the backburner as you prepare for the case in other ways. Nevertheless, it is expected and will go a long way in your favor.

Contact Cameron Law Group

If you need a trial attorney in Tamarac to defend you against someone else’s negligence, contact the team at Cameron Law Group. Call (954) 994-2254 today. We are available 24/7 for a consultation.

We often believe our memories are fool-proof. However, you would be surprised how inaccurate our memories can be.

We are prone to forget or, worse, alter our memories. The brain is a complex organ, and we do not realize how often our brains will alter even the most recent memories, especially traumatic ones.

To avoid perjure in the court of law, it is always better to take notes about your accident or injury as soon as it happens. Accurate note-taking is far more reliable than memories, and it can be key for your personal injury claims.

Note-taking or writing down all the details you remember of your accident, injuries, and their effects on your life are the first thing you should do. These notes will prove useful when you file insurance claims or file a personal injury lawsuit months after your accident/injuries.

Always remember to consult Cameron Law Group in Tamarac, Florida, to get the settlement you deserve for your personal injury claims.

Note-Taking for Injury Claims

Here are the main things you should note down for your injury claims.

  • How it Happened

After an accident, it is understandable that you may be in shock. Once you have cleared your head from the initial distress, you should write down all the details of your accident. You can start with where you were, what you were doing, and your destination right before the accident occurred.

You can note down the time, date, and even the weather condition. If there were any people with you, you should note down their details as well. Once you have the setting, you can start describing the accident in as much detail as possible.

Include details like how the accident happened, what you felt, and its impact on your body during and after the accident occurred. Do not leave out the minor details like, what you heard, who were the people involved, what they said after the accident and what witnesses said.

The more detail you can write down, the better. Although, you must differentiate the facts from speculation.

  • What it Did to You

You may not feel some injuries till a few hours have passed or even the next day after your accident. Keep track of your injuries, the discomfort, and the pain you feel, several days following your accident. If you experience any anxiety, stress, or sleep deprivation, make a note of that too.

Such things add up in your ‘pain and suffering,’ for which you deserve rightful compensation. Writing them down will ensure you can easily recall and describe when you experienced them, how many times you experienced them, and how they made you feel.

Moreover, tell your doctor every detail of the smallest injuries you incurred. These details will help them treat you better, and it will also go down on your medical record. Most importantly, it will help doctors assess things like a small bump on your head, which caused back pain many weeks later.

Combined, You can use these minor details and your medical records in your personal injury claims made to insurance providers and the person/s responsible for your injuries.

  • What You Lost

‘Damages’ and ‘pain and suffering’ in personal injury claims extend beyond your injuries; it includes economic, social, and personal losses as well. Again, you should have a detailed description of them, which is why noting them down is your best option.

You should start taking note of them right after your accident. You should note down any salary, income, meetings, work hours, classes, vacations, events, and social or family gatherings you missed due to your accident or injuries.

Any economic, social, or personal losses count, and you should write them all down.


Accidents and injuries are never a good experience. Any damages, pain, suffering, or losses you faced deserve rightful settlement, and you are entitled to get the full compensation for them. Note-taking will help you in your injury claims and ensure that you get the settlement you deserve.

Another best practice is to note down the details of your injury claims process. Write down details related to meeting anyone you consulted, for example,  insurance providers, witnesses, doctors, and adjusters.

If you want to learn more about note-taking for injury claims or want the best personal injury claims attorney in Tamarac, Florida, please visit our website today.

There are many reasons to call Cameron Law Group for hurricane claims in Tamarac. Hurricane season may be passing but the damage caused by hurricanes can take a while to clean up.  In the aftermath of a hurricane, life can be frustrating, confusing and stressful. Homeowners and business owners are frantic making sure family, friends and neighbors are all safe while also worrying about the damage to their property and belongings, and in some cases to personal injuries. 

The team of skilled personal injury lawyers at the Cameron Law Group specializes in working with insurance companies negotiating hurricane claims. Negotiating a claim for a car accident in Tamarac isn’t much different from negotiating the damage claim for your property caused by a hurricane. In both cases, your insurance provider may not be willing to pay out the full amount for damages even though you’ve always paid your premiums on time and in full.  

After experiencing a traumatic event like a hurricane the last problem you need is to be overwhelmed with hurricane claims and insurance companies. So, when your insurance company comes back with a less than fair offer for compensation, what can you do? Call the Cameron Law Group hurricane claims attorneys for the best team of skilled attorneys with years of experience adjusting hurricane insurance claims in South Florida. Our negotiating skills are second to none when it comes to getting our clients fair compensation for the damage to their home or property. You won’t have to live with or accept a denied or underpaid hurricane claim in South Florida when the Cameron Law Group is here to help.   

At Cameron Law Group we like to share helpful tips for our valued clients and the following helpful hints and checklist will ensure that your insurance companies will not be able to wiggle out of paying you the rightful compensation that you are owed for hurricane claims in Tamarac. The most important thing to remember first and foremost is to make sure that you have written documentation for any type of communication with anyone you are dealing with pertaining to your hurricane claims in Tamarac. Always keep written communication of all your conversations to prevent any misunderstanding and to serve as the best evidence between you and someone else. You cannot rely on your memory to recall the important details of these conversations and recalling from memory is not firm support for your case. Here are some other important things to make sure you do: 

  • Find a copy of your Homeowners Policy, Renters Policy, or Business Policy, including the Declaration Page. This tells you the type of coverage and how much you have in coverage. Information like the name and address of the insurance company, with information about the issuing agent, contact information for the correct department when making a claim is all vital to your case. It’s best to store these insurance policies and any other important legal documents in a safe deposit box to insure they cannot be stolen or damaged. 
  • Read and review your policy because there are certain rules that you must follow when filing claim- insurance policies may provide immediate financial assistance with food and shelter expenses.  
  • Make sure you document all property damage-take pictures, videos, notes, statements from eyewitnesses, or any other means by which you can support your claim of loss.  
  • Since insurance company may try to claim that you did not mitigate your damages and that some damage could have been prevented, make sure you do so when it is safe. 
  • Keep receipts that document any kind of expense you had following the hurricane. Money spent for food, housing, repairs, or evacuation costs may be reimbursed, as the insurance company will probably not repay you if there is no written record.  
  • Keep a record in writing of every important date relating to your claim. 
  • Keep each and every adjuster or contractor’s pertinent information. 
  • Don’t sign anything until you have a clear understanding of what you are signing- if you sign the wrong one it would prevent you from receiving full value for the loss you have sustained.  
  • Contact an experienced hurricane claim attorney at The Cameron Law Group as soon as possible who can handle these complex insurance issues and get you the rightful compensation you are owed.  There is only a two-year time limit to file suit for cases such as this. All of these factors will come into play with your insurance claim and this is why you should hire and experienced attorney to protect your rights. 

If you feel like the process of managing your hurricane claims in Tamarac is too much to handle, intimidating, or if you feel like your insurance company is not treating you fairly, you should call Cameron Law Group so that our attorneys can represent your interest. As your personal hurricane claim attorneys, we will work directly for you, not the insurance company and we will negotiate the best possible settlement for your damaged property. At the Cameron Law Group, we understand that hurricanes are a part of life in South Florida, but that doesn’t mean you should have to live with the consequences. From the moment you contact our office for a free consultation through the resolution of your case, our team is dedicated to ensuring your recovery is a top priority.  

Cars are one of man’s greatest inventions. They provide us with transportation, storage, and shelter from the elements. Unfortunately, there is no shield for bad drivers. When you get into an accident, you can feel a fluster of emotions. At Cameron Law Group, we understand how devastating an auto accident can be. There are millions of auto accidents each year, and they can cause devastating challenges in a person’s life.

If you have been injured, or if a loved one has been injured, it’s time to call an auto accident lawyer that you can trust.

At Cameron Law Group, we’re that team that is dedicated to helping our clients get out of their uncomfortable and difficult situation as soon as possible. To confirm that you’re okay, our attorneys recommend that all prospective clients seek medical attention after an accident. 

By receiving a proper examination from a certified doctor, you can be sure that you have not suffered from a concussion, a fracture, or any other type of injury. Certain injuries can make an appearance after the accident, which is why we think it’s always better to act on the side of caution.

At Cameron Law Group, we’re focused on providing you with the best possible legal assistance. We keep in touch with you throughout your case, unlike some other car accident lawyers in Coral Springs. 

Our car accident lawyers will fight for you so that you get the compensation you deserve. Choose the best in the business, Cameron Law Group, to ensure you receive the highest possible settlement for your injuries. 


How Can Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Coral Springs Assist You?  

At Cameron Law Group, you will meet with one of our attorneys who will listen to your story and gather an understanding of the situation. Once we understand your circumstances and the degree of the injuries you sustained, our attorneys will begin collecting all relevant evidence and begin forming your case. We understand that bills and expenses may pile up, especially if the injury puts you out of work. You are not in this alone. 

Trust the attorneys at Cameron Law Group to begin putting your case together to get you the compensation you deserve.


What’s the Best Way to Go About Beginning My Case?

The short answer is as soon as possible. However, we at Cameron Law Group believe you need to take care of any and all medical needs first and foremost. Our skilled attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case, and then lay out a plan of action.

Here are some of the things that the attorneys at Cameron Law Group can help you with: 

  • Documenting the accident scene: Cameron Law Group recommends taking pictures of the auto accident and any visible injuries before you have before being evaluated by a doctor. It also is in your best interest to obtain a copy of the police report and medical record after your evaluation for the insurance company and lawsuit.
  • Insurance claim: Our attorneys will talk to the insurance companies on your behalf and help you file the claim.
  • Dealing with the other parties involved: Our attorneys will deal with this, so you don’t have to. It can be an uncomfortable experience trying to talk to the other party, especially if there is significant damage involved. Allow Cameron Law Group to represent you and speak on your behalf.
  • Court representation: Navigating the court system can be a little tricky, and we are here to help you every step of the way.


Contact Us Today!

Here at the Cameron Law Group, we understand accidents are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you should have to live with the consequences. Our firm can make all the difference in the world when it comes to receiving compensation for your pain and suffering. If you’ve suffered in any way, our goal is to ensure you’re compensated fully and without delay. Contact us today to set up a meeting by calling (954) 994-2254.

If you’re looking for a trial attorney in Tamarac, you’re not alone. Many people every year need the assistance of a trial attorney, and they look left and right for a firm that can assist. The downside to searching for a trial lawyer is that it’s not an easy endeavor. There are many different kinds, each with their own methods, energies, and styles. When you’re going to court, you’re going to need a firm that you feel you vibe with. The last thing you’ll want to do is be represented by a lawyer that you don’t fully trust! At Cameron Law Group, we’ve represented many individuals over the years, and we’re proud to say that we have incredibly happy clients. If you’re wondering what to look for in a trial attorney, and how they can help, keep reading!


Communication, Ethics, and Fees: The 101 on a Trial Attorney in Tamarac 


There are three areas that are the most important to consider, including communication, ethics, and fees. When working with a trial lawyer, you’ll want to ask them questions off the bat. You’ll want to know how much experience they have, what their customer reviews are, what their online ratings are, and how many court cases they’ve won. If their numbers are low, they’re the last person you want defending you in court. However, if their numbers are high, and they have multiple years of experience, they’re probably a trustworthy team.


Yet, experience and timing isn’t everything. When working with a trial attorney, you’ll want to make sure that they’re communicative. As in all relationships, communication is key. Between a client and a lawyer, communication is even more crucial. You’ll want to feel like you can trust your lawyer to tell them everything. You’ll also want to feel as though they’re telling you the truth. The more honest a lawyer is with you, the better. You don’t want a team to sugarcoat anything for you, as it’s important to have honest projections, and thoughts. Together, you can discuss strategy. A quality lawyer should be able to explain your options with clarity and respond to your phone calls in a reasonable amount of time.


Ethical behavior is another trait that you’ll want to look for, as it signifies trustworthy allies. They’ll represent their clients with incredible loyalty, they’ll keep your confidence, and your information private. They’ll put your needs ahead of their own while on trial with you, to ensure that you’re being given all of the advantages possible. Lastly, a professional lawyer should be reasonable and honest about their fees. If your bill is too high, and it’s more than you agreed to, then you have a right to say something. Lawyers should also itemize your receipts and should be there to explain the breakdown on their pricing.


If you’re looking for a team of lawyers you can trust, contact Cameron Law Group today. We’re professionals in our field, hardworking experts, and compassionate individuals. We believe that all people deserve to be represented when they need law assistance the most. If you need a trial attorney in Tamarac, don’t look any further. Contact us today at 954-472-5645. You have a friend in the law business!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the winter holiday season is about to begin. Each year thousands of people take to the roads and the skies to travel back home and reunite with family members and loved ones. This influx of long-distance travel can cause a few headaches, especially for those driving out of state. If you are planning to make a road trip during this holiday season, Cameron Law Group, your trusted source for an auto accident lawyer in Tamarac, wants you to stay safe with these driving tips. 

Pre-Trip Car Servicing 

Ensuring you arrive to your destination safely starts before you even get on the road. Proper maintenance on your vehicle can help prevent accidents, so you never need the assistance of an auto accident lawyer in Tamarac. Before you embark on your journey, make sure you: 

  • Have the proper tires, aligned, and well-maintained 
  • Fluid levels are appropriate for the duration of your trip 
  • Brakes are in good condition 
  • Windshield and windshield wipers are well-maintained 

Before a major road trip, a basic servicing may not be enough. Be sure to let your mechanic know about your trip plans so they can ensure your vehicle is ready for any potential road challenges. If you are travelling into colder states, getting snow tires is a great idea as well. 

Driving Schedule 

Are you taking this trip on your own? Will other capable drivers be joining you? Decide now what your driving order will be and for how long each person will need to drive. If possible, keep it under two hours each to prevent fatigue. As a trusted auto accident lawyer in Tamarac, each member of our legal team can attest to the number of cases they receive because of drowsy or sleep-deprived driving. 

On the same note, be sure to take as many breaks as necessary. While we understand your desire to reach your destination as quickly as possible, your loved ones would much prefer you arrive late than not at all. 

Driving Impaired 

Driving impaired is never advised—ever. No matter what the situation, it is always better to have a sober driver pick you up than to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Services like Lyft and Uber often offer special rates around the holidays to help ensure people get home safely. Otherwise, having a designated driver or making plans to spend the night are great alternatives. 

Preparing for Road Challenges 

One of the greatest fears people face when it comes to long distance driving is getting stuck in an unfamiliar area with car problems. Certain road issues can do more than ruin your holiday plans and leave you in need of an auto accident lawyer in Tamarac; they may also present a real and serious danger to you and your family.  

Road challenges like steep hills or mountains, snow, black ice, and pot holes can all present serious risks for inexperienced drivers. For native Floridians venturing to snowy states, be sure to read up on safety tips for handling these potential situations. 

Enjoy the Trip 

The most important part of traveling for the holidays is enjoying the company of loved ones when you reach your destination. Take this time to reminisce on your favorite memories and share laughter and joy. By following these road safety tips, you can help our team of auto accident lawyers in Tamarac enjoy their holiday as well. Rest assured, if you need us, we are still here to help. 

Contact Cameron Law Group today for a free consultation on your auto accident case. 

Losing someone you love is always devastating. It is especially so when the passing is sudden and unexpected, as is the case with fatal car accidents, workplace mishaps, or more intentional causes of death. When a life ends abruptly, it leaves a hole in the lives of all the people who know and love them, from family members to friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. Healing from the sudden loss of a loved one takes time, and nothing ever feels the same. In some cases, however, a wrongful death attorney in Tamarac can help to ease the financial strain and provide some sense of closure. 

Here’s what you need to know about wrongful death claims. 

What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death? 

Under Florida law, wrongful death is defined as a death caused by the legal fault of another party, either by negligence or intentional action. This includes: 

  • Vehicular manslaughter 
  • Hit-and-run 
  • Boating accidents caused by negligence 
  • Deaths as the direct result of product deficiency 
  • Medical malpractice 
  • Botched surgery 
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect 
  • Death in the course of another crime 
  • Death as the result of intentional assault or battery 

A wrongful death attorney in Tamarac can help you determine if your loved one’s passing qualifies for a wrongful death claim. 

Who Should Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney in Tamarac? 

In most states, wrongful death claims are limited to immediate family members. Spouses, biological and adoptive children, or parents may qualify, with some acceptances. In some states, for example, adult children who are no longer financially dependent may not file wrongful death claims. Likewise, parents of adult children who live outside of the home and support themselves may be denied wrongful death benefits. 

Some exceptions to this law include: 

  • The parent of a fetus that has died 
  • A life partner or common law spouse (in certain states) 
  • Distant relatives, if no immediate family members hold a valid claim 

With Cameron Law Group, a wrongful death attorney in Tamarac can help you understand your rights and guide you through the process of filing a claim. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

Damages Recovered 

How do you quantify the value of a wrongful death claim? The answer is complicated. While a judge or jury may be able to calculate the exact value of lost wages, medical bills, and funeral costs accrued as the direct result of a wrongful death, additional damages are harder to ascribe monetary value to. That’s why wrongful death damages are usually divided into two categories: 

Compensatory: this is strictly financial. Here, a judge or jury calculated the financial damaged caused by a person’s wrongful death, using a reasonable calculation based on average life expectancy, salary, and other factors like inflation or inherent risk of the job. Medical bills, property damage, and funeral costs also fall into this category. Through restitution of financial damages, a judge grants the recovery of financial damages, but wrongful deaths damages branch beyond just money. 

A wrongful death attorney in Tamarac can also argue for non-monetary loss in your favor. This includes grievances, loss of companionship, and loss of services for people who are reliant on the deceased for assistance. Be sure to discuss all your options with your lawyer. 

Punitive: if a judge or jury deems the actions of the defendant to be especially reckless or negligent, a judgement may be passed down for additional damages. The specifics of these judgments are determined by a jury. 

Cameron Law Group is here to help serve and protect your family through this trying time. Contact us now to being your wrongful death claim process.