Holiday Road Trip? Follow These Five Road Safety Tips

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the winter holiday season is about to begin. Each year thousands of people take to the roads and the skies to travel back home and reunite with family members and loved ones. This influx of long-distance travel can cause a few headaches, especially for those driving out of state. If you are planning to make a road trip during this holiday season, Cameron Law Group, your trusted source for an auto accident lawyer in Tamarac, wants you to stay safe with these driving tips. 

Pre-Trip Car Servicing 

Ensuring you arrive to your destination safely starts before you even get on the road. Proper maintenance on your vehicle can help prevent accidents, so you never need the assistance of an auto accident lawyer in Tamarac. Before you embark on your journey, make sure you: 

  • Have the proper tires, aligned, and well-maintained 
  • Fluid levels are appropriate for the duration of your trip 
  • Brakes are in good condition 
  • Windshield and windshield wipers are well-maintained 

Before a major road trip, a basic servicing may not be enough. Be sure to let your mechanic know about your trip plans so they can ensure your vehicle is ready for any potential road challenges. If you are travelling into colder states, getting snow tires is a great idea as well. 

Driving Schedule 

Are you taking this trip on your own? Will other capable drivers be joining you? Decide now what your driving order will be and for how long each person will need to drive. If possible, keep it under two hours each to prevent fatigue. As a trusted auto accident lawyer in Tamarac, each member of our legal team can attest to the number of cases they receive because of drowsy or sleep-deprived driving. 

On the same note, be sure to take as many breaks as necessary. While we understand your desire to reach your destination as quickly as possible, your loved ones would much prefer you arrive late than not at all. 

Driving Impaired 

Driving impaired is never advised—ever. No matter what the situation, it is always better to have a sober driver pick you up than to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Services like Lyft and Uber often offer special rates around the holidays to help ensure people get home safely. Otherwise, having a designated driver or making plans to spend the night are great alternatives. 

Preparing for Road Challenges 

One of the greatest fears people face when it comes to long distance driving is getting stuck in an unfamiliar area with car problems. Certain road issues can do more than ruin your holiday plans and leave you in need of an auto accident lawyer in Tamarac; they may also present a real and serious danger to you and your family.  

Road challenges like steep hills or mountains, snow, black ice, and pot holes can all present serious risks for inexperienced drivers. For native Floridians venturing to snowy states, be sure to read up on safety tips for handling these potential situations. 

Enjoy the Trip 

The most important part of traveling for the holidays is enjoying the company of loved ones when you reach your destination. Take this time to reminisce on your favorite memories and share laughter and joy. By following these road safety tips, you can help our team of auto accident lawyers in Tamarac enjoy their holiday as well. Rest assured, if you need us, we are still here to help. 

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