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For Floridians and other vulnerable areas of Southern and East coast United States, the Summer and Fall means warm weather, beach vibes, and the constant threat of hurricanes. With Hurricane Dorian threatening our coast and 12 to 14 named storms expected before the end of the season, we’re already off to a strong start. As Floridians, it is important to stay prepared in case of a hurricane threat or warning.  

Maintaining a hurricane preparedness kit and keeping your shelves stocked with non-expired canned foods and water will keep you from having to scramble for supplies last minute. Some home owners also opt for hurricane-proof windows or shutters that can be used to protect the home in case a storm strike. Even if you have all of these bases covered, you still may not be fully prepared for hurricane Dorian. When it comes to being sure you’re covered, here’s four things to make sure are protected. 

Home Hurricane Insurance 

Just because you have home owner’s insurance doesn’t mean you are protected from hurricane damage! Even in Florida, the state that sees the most hurricane activity, standard home insurance does not include coverage for hurricanes. Review the terms of your insurance policy carefully and, if necessary, look for supplemental insurance coverage. Most hurricane insurance policies in Florida cover flood water and wind damages to your property. Be sure to review the terms of your policy before signing to ensure your protection begins as soon as possible. In the event of damage to your home caused by a storm, Cameron Law Group can help you file and process hurricane claims in Tamarac and across South Florida.  Read More