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You may wonder what to do next if you have been denied the benefits you applied for under the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) scheme. The following article addresses this difficult question with helpful advice on how to proceed in these unfortunate circumstances. It also offers information on the different potential routes of appeal and on what other avenues may be available to disability claimants in addition to PIP. Personal independence payment (PIP) benefits people who need support to lead a daily life.

Steps to Take if Your PIP Appeal Is Rejected

Read the Denial Letter Again

This step may seem obvious, but many people skim the letter and pay little attention to it. When you receive a letter, don’t just think of it as a rejection. Instead, pay attention to the details of the decision. Read the whole document carefully and make sure that you understand the reasoning behind your denial. You can use the information in your next appeal.

Contact Your Representative

PIP litigation is an extremely complex issue, with many factors to consider. Because of this, you must contact your representative, who can help you through the process. They will help you understand why your appeal was denied and how you can try and reverse the decision.

Speak With PIP Litigation Attorneys

If you have been denied the appeal, there is a high possibility that you will be able to fight back on appeal. It is possible to win your appeal and subsequently receive the benefit you were denied. There are several ways to do this, the most common being through a lawsuit. You can request legal assistance to help you fight against the decision, or you could even try challenging the decision if you feel it was unjust and incorrect. Our law firm offers a free claim assessment, and we are always happy to discuss any aspect of your case.

Appeal to a Tribunal

Your lawyer for personal injury can help you appeal to a tribunal, which is an independent body that will determine whether your disability benefits should continue. If you’re able to prove to the tribunal that your disability benefits should continue, you will have no problem getting them restored. The PIP litigation process is very complicated and requires a lot of evidence, so you must remain calm throughout the process. It’s important to give your representative ample time to do their job, which means you must be patient.

Request a New Assessment

Tweet at a public official from your representative’s office or call your office with a voicemail message. Tell them that you want your appeal to be re-assessed. You should also reach out to any local representatives who can provide more information about what steps can be taken next for your appeal to be reviewed. A lawyer for personal injury will help you go through the appeals process. They will also provide you with the best possible legal advice when you’re going through your appeal.

Our PIP litigation attorneys will be able to examine your case and determine whether the appeal was rejected for completely valid reasons. We can provide you with all the necessary steps to take if your PIP is denied in Florida and its environs. Contact Cameron Law Group today for an assessment of your case and legal advice.

Do you need to make a personal injury claim in Tamarac but aren’t sure about the process? You’re not alone. Many people need to make personal injury claims every year. There are five common types of personal injury cases, and we are here to tell you how to claim them by working with an experienced lawyer for personal injury.

1. Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims involve the negligence of a health care practitioner, whether it is a doctor, nurse, or physical therapist. Actions taken while administering health care that lead to a patient’s injury make for a personal injury case. To have a case, there must be proof that the practitioner failed to administer reasonably skilled and competent care to the patient.

Medical care standards can vary from state to state. They may even vary between hospitals and medical groups. This is why it is crucial to have a lawyer for injury claim cases involving medical malpractice.

2. Product Liability

Product liability is when a manufacturer or product’s seller is held responsible for a person getting injured by a product they purchased from that manufacturer or seller. Product liability law typically states that products must meet a consumer’s ordinary safety expectations. However, if there is an unprecedented defect or danger, the product fails to meet those expectations and provides grounds for a personal injury claim.

3. Premises Liability

Premises liability laws tend to be relatively complex. This is due to the difficulty in determining whether the owner of the premises is responsible for the injured party getting hurt or if the injured person should bear responsibility.

Much of this depends on whether the injured party was invited to the premises by the owner or was trespassing on the property. If you were allowed to be on the premises or required to be there, you should get a lawyer for personal injury due to premises liability.

4. Auto Accidents

In the United States, most personal injury claims stem from auto accidents. Auto accidents often result from at least one driver not following the rules of the road or taking the necessary precautions while operating their motorized vehicle. Anyone injured by an at-fault driver in an auto accident should consider hiring an attorney to help file a personal injury claim.

5. Wrongful Death Claims

If a loved one has died due to someone else’s negligence or willful intent to cause harm, you could file a wrongful death claim on their behalf. You can do this if you are a surviving spouse, child, or other relation determined to be a beneficiary of the deceased’s estate. You can hire a lawyer for an injury claim in this case.

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File your personal injury claim Tamarac today with the help of Cameron Law Group. We are here to help you win your case and receive compensation for the damages sustained in your incident. Contact Cameron Law Group today to learn more!

No one wants to be injured or get hurt. Unfortunately, accidents happen. This can be a car accident or a medical issue. In situations like this, it is important to know how to protect yourself. A part of that is educating yourself on personal injury claims. You may want to reach out to a lawyer for an injury claim.

Grounds of Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury refers to physical injury to a person’s body, emotional injury, and injury to a person’s reputation. Personal injury claims are brought on three grounds: negligence, strict liability, and intentional wrongs.

The most common one is negligence. When a person is considered negligent, they have failed to act as carefully as a regular person would be expected to behave in the same circumstances. For example, driving on the wrong side of the road would be considered negligent in a personal injury claim in Tamarac.

When it comes to strict liability, the defendant is liable for an action they have committed regardless of their intentions or the condition of their mental state. If there is a car accident due to defective brakes, the car manufacturer is responsible even if they did not mean to install defective brakes or cause the car accident.

Intentional wrongs refer to acts that the defendant has done intentionally. Some of these acts can include false imprisonment, assault, battery, trespassing, and inflicting emotional distress.

Common Types of Cases

A common case is medical malpractice. This claim refers to a health care professional, such as a doctor, acting in a negligent manner which leads to their patient becoming injured. Basically, the health professional did not provide care in a competent and skilled manner. The standard of medical care can vary between hospitals. Therefore, it is important to have a lawyer for a personal injury claim.

Another common personal injury case is product liability. If a person gets injured due to a defective product, the manufacturer may be held responsible. All products need to meet the consumer’s safety expectations.

When it comes to premises liability law, it needs to be decided if the owner of the property, the tenant, or the injured is liable. This is largely decided by whether they were permitted onto the property or if they were trespassing. In this event, a lawyer for personal injury is needed.

Car accidents make up the majority of personal injury claims. If a driver is not taking the right precautions or not following road rules, this can lead to accidents. You can hold a careless driver responsible financially and legally should you get injured in an accident.

Wrongful death occurs when a party acts in a negligent or intentional manner which leads to the death of another person. This lawsuit is filed for the surviving family members of the person who died.

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If you need to file a personal injury claim in Tamarac, we can help you at Cameron Law Group. We have experience with a variety of personal injury cases. You can have a personalized consultation with us to help you understand your potential case. Contact us today.

Personal injury generically is bodily harm to a human being. When that is harm caused by the wrongful act or conduct of another it gives rise to a legal claim for recompense.


Personal injury claims can be very complicated involving difficult proof of facts and application of complex personal injury law. Discover your options. Personal injury law is the body of civil law developed over centuries to govern the settlement of those claims. That body of law consists of common law, statutory law, and administrative law.


The broad category that includes personal injury law is called “tort” law. Tort law has existed in various jurisdictions since the Roman Empire.


Tort law governs elements of liability, standards of proof, defenses, measurement of damages, rules of procedure and evidence, and appellate grounds and procedure.


In the United States, personal injury law plays a role in several different legal contexts including private claims for compensation, wrongful death claims, worker’s compensation claims, insurance law, malpractice claims, and intentional tort claims.


We have experienced Florida personal injury attorneys in Tamarac as well as excellent personal injury attorneys in Coral Springs to serve you if you suffer injury as the result of another’s action or inaction. We also handle injury claims in Sunrise.


Examples of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases can arise out of an exhaustive list of negligent or intentional acts or omissions. They include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slips and falls and other injuries from negligent property maintenance
  • Assault and battery
  • Workplace accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • product liability
  • Toxicity and contamination of water and air


What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Personal injury cases commonly involve disputes about the facts and the law. The job of a personal injury lawyer is to represent one side of the dispute, prosecute or defend against a claim, analyze facts, evaluate damages, understand medical aspects of the case, develop evidence and select witnesses, engage in settlement negotiations, and conduct trials and appeals.


More particularly, the personal injury lawyer undertakes to present evidence that proves by the preponderance of that evidence that the defendant’s negligent or willful action or inaction was the proximate cause of the injury as well as the amount of compensatory and punitive damages.



A plaintiff in a personal injury case (the injured party) is potentially entitled to compensatory and punitive damages.


Compensatory damages that are awardable by a jury or the court include economic loss. They also include non-economic loss such as pain and suffering and mental anguish.


Punitive damages are usually awarded only in the case of a defendant’s gross negligence or willful act or omission. They are intended to be a deterrent to further conduct of the defendant or other potential defendants. In Florida, punitive damages are limited to three times the compensatory damages awarded.


If you suffer injuries that you believe were caused by the negligence or intentional act of another, consult an experienced Florida personal injury trial lawyer. The Cameron Law Group is staffed by excellent personal injury attorneys in Tamarac and personal injury attorneys in Coral Springs, and we pursue injury claims in Sunrise.

On-the-job injuries are nothing out of the ordinary. And in many states, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if that ever happens. However, there are certain things you have to do to protect your legal rights. Keep reading to stay informed in the event it ever happens to you or a colleague.


Report Your Job Injury Immediately

Ensure you immediately notify the supervisor about the accident, where it occurred, and any witnesses present. Although some states recognize verbal reports, others don’t. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it’s recommended that you have the statement in writing and keep a copy. This should be done even when you don’t instantly notice any physical injuries. Again, keep in mind that some states have a short filing deadline, and it would be beneficial if you filed the report immediately to avoid losing your legal rights.


Seek Medical Help

Most importantly, remember that your health and well-being are more important than any compensation you might get. Even minor injuries might end up causing long-term problems. Therefore, seek medical services even when you haven’t been seriously injured. In some cases, the employer might argue that you weren’t really injured since you didn’t seek medical attention or that the injury wasn’t work-related. Besides, the medical documents will be used in determining your compensation. That said, keep all the receipts, and medical reports as they’ll help with your injury claims Sunrise.


Consult a Personal Injury Attorney in Tamarac

Although you might be tempted to settle your injury claims Sunrise with the employer, it’s never a good idea. Since you lack the knowledge of the law, you might not be able to negotiate for a favorable settlement as a trial attorney in Tamarac would. A personal injury attorney in Tamarac understands the compensation you’re entitled to. And when you decide to represent yourself, you might end up agreeing to a lower offer.


Factors to Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

With so many lawyers online, you’re probably wondering who is the perfect choice to help you get reimbursement. When picking a trial attorney in Tamarac, it’s essential you understand their area of focus. Furthermore, check their experience in the field and confirm whether they have handled a similar case previously. Don’t forget to ask how much they’ll charge for the service and whether you’ll be obligated to pay them if the claim fails.


A good lawyer will always communicate information to you in a way you can understand, and they’ll also be willing to listen to you. If a person is making promises of getting you a huge compensation even before they’ve heard your claims, we recommend that you seek help elsewhere.


Since 2006, we’ve been providing services to residents in and around Tamarac, FL. Together with helping you get compensation, we are dedicated to ensuring you get all the help necessary for quick recovery. Contact Cameron Law Group for a free consultation and learn more about our services and rates.

Suppose you or your loved ones have been injured due to another person’s negligence. In that case, you have one of two options – file a personal injury claim or a lawsuit. While these terms are used interchangeably, they couldn’t be more different. In this blog post, we will explain the differences between a personal injury claim and a lawsuit to help you decide which one you should file. So keep reading to learn more. 

What is Personal Injury Claim 

An injury claim is another term for an insurance claim. You can file a claim with your insurance company or the at-fault party’s insurance when you are injured. Depending on your insurance, the claim will be filed either with a homeowners policy, professional liability policy, or auto insurance policy. 

After the claim has been filed, your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster. This persona will investigate the case and conclude it. The parameters for the conclusion are how the incident happened, who was at fault, and the damages you sustained. 

Afterward, the insurance adjuster will review police reports and medical statements to verify your claim. Make sure you have a copy of these documents with you. A key point to remember here is that the insurance adjuster is not on your side. 

They are agents whose responsibility is to bring down the claim request as low as possible. Therefore, it’s best to have your personal injury lawyer talk to the insurance adjuster. 

You and your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company regarding your claim. Consequently, it’s in your interest to hire the best personal injury lawyer to handle your case. 

What is Personal Injury Lawsuit 

If you cannot settle the case with your or the at-fault party’s insurance company, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit is a case filed in the civil court to request funds against the injuries you sustained due to the other party’s negligence. 

Personal injury lawsuits can become complicated as you have to prove to the judge and the jury that the causes of your injuries are due to the other party’s negligence. Moreover, personal injury lawsuits are time-consuming as they can take weeks to months. Here are the stages involved in a personal injury lawsuit. 

  • Filing: Your attorney files the documents required by the court and ensures everyone involved with the case is notified in advance. 
  • Discovery: This is the phase where both parties accumulate facts and evidence to strengthen their side. At this point, the case is settled outside court without moving to the trial phase. 
  • Trial Phase: If a settlement isn’t reached in the discovery phase, the personal injury lawsuit moves to the trial phase. Both parties present their case to the judge and the jury. The trial phase can take weeks to months and may include several hearings. 
  • Completion of Trial: After both sides have been heard, the jury is dismissed to come up with a verdict. If the ruling is in your favor, a compensation amount will be decided. 
  • After the Trial: After the ruling is made, the losing side can lodge an appeal which will lead to another trial or settlement between both parties. 

When Should I Pursue a Lawsuit? 

Typically, the first step is to file a personal injury claim and try to settle for an amount offered by the insurance company. However, if your insurance company is trying to avoid paying the full amount, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. But know that personal injury lawsuits can take time, and you might not win the case if the evidence isn’t in your favor. 

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

When the personal injury claim turns into a personal injury lawsuit, you will need a lawyer on your side. This is because the matter has moved from simple conversation to legal proceedings, and if you don’t know how the law works, you need a competent professional on your side. You can represent yourself, but it’ll be a substantial risk because understanding the law is one thing but having relevant experience in personal injury lawsuits is a whole new game. 

Final Verdict 

Personal injury claims and lawsuits are used interchangeably while these terms are the polar opposite of each other. While the former is a straightforward request, the latter is an invitation to the courtroom. Usually, personal injury lawsuits are settled outside court because neither of the two parties has the time to go through a trial. But a competent lawyer can help you secure the compensation you deserve without filing a personal injury lawsuit. 

At Cameron Law Group, we have a team of experienced personal injury lawyers to represent your case in court. We also have relevant experience and knowledge about how insurance companies work. Therefore, most of our clients have received their compensation without even filing a personal injury lawsuit. You can contact us by visiting our website or discuss your case with an expert by dialing (954) 994 2254. 

If you have been hurt on-job or because of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to file a personal injury claim. However, there are four elements of a personal injury claim that determine whether you are eligible for a claim or not. These elements must be fulfilled to lodge a complaint in the civil court. Your Personal Injury Attorney in Tamarac can help you file your claim, but these four elements must be present in your case. 

Four Elements of a Personal Injury Claim 

Injuries due to another person’s negligence or lack of care can lead to a personal injury claim. It’s essential to understand the elements that apply to this claim, such as, 

  • Duty of care 
  • Failure to exercise reasonable care (Negligence)
  • Causation
  • Presence of damage 

These elements determine whether the personal injury claim you are filing is eligible or not. Here is a detailed look into these elements. 

  • Duty of Care 

The existence of someone’s legal duty is the first element of your personal injury claim. You need to prove that the at-fault party did not live up to their duties. In case of a traffic accident, it was the duty of the at-fault party to drive carefully. If carelessness was exerted, which resulted in your personal loss, your claim passes the first element. 

In slip and fall cases, the duty falls on businesses or homeowners. For medical malpractice, the claim falls on the hospital and the doctor for not doing their duty with integrity, honesty, and care. Different personal injury cases have different duties. However, this is the easiest of all four elements. 

  • Failure to Exercise Reasonable Care (Negligence) 

This is the second element of your personal injury claim where it becomes necessary to prove that the at-fault party neglected their duty. For instance, if you were robbed near a store, you can file a personal injury claim against that store if you believe they didn’t follow the second element of a personal injury claim. 

In this situation, your personal injury attorney in Tamarac will need to prove that the shop owner was negligent in protecting customers. For that, your personal injury attorney will scour through incident reports and determine whether you were the first or the 100th victim in the vicinity. Next, the lawyer will check if the shop owner has cameras or other security in place. If the shop didn’t take any safety measures despite knowing several theft cases, the shop owner failed to exercise reasonable care (Negligence). 

  • Causation 

The next step of a personal injury claim is to prove causation. This means that your personal injury lawyer has to prove that negligence caused the personal injury. Continuing the above example of the negligent shop owner, we can see that the third element is fulfilled.

For instance, if the shop owner had hired security, the theft wouldn’t have occurred. This means that the causation element of your personal injury claim is fulfilled. 

  • Presence of Damage

The final element of a personal injury claim is the presence of damage. It is crucial to know that the personal injury claim is invalid if someone isn’t injured or damaged physically or monetarily. Moreover, if the injuries aren’t severe, it won’t warrant a personal injury claim. 

Common types of damages that may result in a personal injury claim include;

  • Medical cost
  • Lost income
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical damage
  • Theft 

Your personal injury attorney can determine if you have a valid case to file against the at-fault party. Plus, you can also find out how much compensation you are eligible for if you file a case. Your attorney will go through similar past cases and find out how much compensation was awarded. 

You will get an estimate, but it will be more than enough to prove how much compensation you might win. Plus, your attorney will also contribute your medical cost, pain, and suffering, and other costs incurred after the injury. All of this will be included in your compensation. 

Final Verdict

Personal injury cases can be tricky, and if you don’t have a competent lawyer, you can lose your chances of winning the compensation you deserve. Most of the time, the at-fault party tries to resolve the case without going to court. If your personal injury lawyer believes that you might win more compensation by going to court, you should listen and follow. 

However, for that, your lawyer needs to have tremendous experience and knowledge. If you are looking for such a lawyer, then Cameron Law PL can help. You can call Cameron Law for case consultation by dialing (321) 301-4615 or visiting  Cameron Law.

Whether you have been injured by the negligence of another person, driver, or organization, our personal injury attorneys in Tamarac, FL can help you get the settlement you deserve.

You can always represent yourself and deal with such situations on your own. You have the full right, and no law states you need an attorney. 

However, there are always benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney when you have suffered an accident or your insurer is underpaying, delaying, or denying your claims.

That being said, let’s discuss the benefits in some detail so you can make an informed decision regarding your personal injury.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Here are the main benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney.

  • Medical Treatment & Advantage

Personal injuries require proper medical treatments, and personal injury attorneys can help you get the right treatment on time. If you list a personal injury attorney as your emergency contact, they will ensure you get proper treatment and start working on filing claims immediately.

Treatment is important because it will dictate the quality of your recovery. 

Moreover, you will be more likely to get proper care and avoid any medical malpractice, which is a personal injury claim in itself. All while your personal injury attorney builds a strong case for you.

Another benefit is that they will ensure that the medical professionals treating you are also willing to testify in court should your case go to trial.

  • Insurance Claims

Insurance companies will always try to underpay, delay, or deny your claims, and professional personal injury attorneys can help negotiate and get you the compensation you deserve. They ensure insurance companies pay the right amount on time and don’t deny your claims.

You can expect better compensation than your insurer’s initial offer and timely payments if you have a personal injury attorney on your side.

  • Professional Experience

Personal injury cases, like auto accidents, can cause a lot of stress and trauma for those who experience them, clouding their judgment. You need time to recover, and time is often not a luxury in such cases, which is why the professional experience of a personal injury attorney can be highly beneficial.

They make fast, objective decisions, handle the case on your behalf, and can correctly file any personal injury claims needed. They bring their professional experience, skill, and knowledge to the table and help you get the settlement you deserve.

  • Legal Representation & Coverage

Legal cases are long and complex, especially when it comes to personal injury claims. A qualified and experienced personal injury attorney can better understand your unique case, show you all the available options, and give you the best course of action in your situation.

They will handle the case on your behalf and file it correctly for the courts. Additionally, if the case goes to trial, they have the knowledge and experience to represent you and your case in the best possible way, giving you a higher chance at success.

  • Peace of Mind

Accidents and personal injury incidents cause plenty of emotional stress, trauma, and some incidents may result in fatalities as well. They are stressful experiences, and following up on personal injury claims only adds to that stress.

Hiring a personal injury attorney after an accident or personal injury gives you peace of mind because you know your case and claims are being handled while you recover from your loss. 

Your only focus becomes recovery and returning to normal, which is exactly how it should be.

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Personal injury cases are never a good experience. 

Loss, pain, emotional distress, and trauma are all very common, and your only concern at such a time should be your health and wellbeing. You need time to recover and also ensure that your claims and case are handled professionally during this time.

These are by far the biggest benefits of personal injury attorneys, and we highly recommend hiring a personal injury attorney after you or a loved one has experienced an accident, medical malpractice, or any other personal injury.

If you live in or around Tamarac, FL, Cameron Law Group has the most experienced and skilled personal injury attorneys to represent your case and claims.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney or about the highly qualified professionals at Cameron Law Group in Tamarac, FL, visit our website today.

If you have experienced a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, it’s important to find an attorney who can properly represent you. Finding a personal injury attorney in Sunrise may seem overwhelming, but it’s not a decision to be rushed. 

At Cameron Law Group, we know the mistakes clients often make and want to guide you in making the right decision for your situation. 

You have many lawyers to choose from in South Florida, but if you want representation and/or guidance on a personal injury case, you should find someone who is specifically experienced in personal injury law.

What is a personal injury attorney?

Personal injury attorneys help individuals who are victims of a negligent act caused by another person, or multiple people. Personal injury is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of injuries and wrongdoings. Your attorney can defend you if you have sustained injuries from the following offenses:

  • Automotive accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Premises liability (i.e., slip and falls)

Personal injury law is very nuanced, so hiring just any lawyer won’t do. You will need to look for a personal injury attorney in Sunrise who is experienced in helping victims recover significant financial compensation after sustaining an injury caused by negligence. Your compensation will help cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering for both you and your loved ones.

When looking for a personal injury attorney, perform thorough research on the attorney’s prior cases. In general, you should avoid attorneys who have years of experience representing insurance companies. 

These attorneys tend to be more lenient with insurance companies and may not sympathize with your case or fight hard enough to get you the settlement you deserve.

What will a personal injury attorney do for you? 

At Cameron Law Group, we offer personalized assistance for a variety of personal injury cases. 

What you don’t know can hurt you when it comes to personal injury cases. Alternatively, what our team does know will help to maximize your settlement.  

After hiring a personal injury attorney in Sunrise, we’ll get to work proving the negligent party is liable for damages. This includes gathering evidence, such as police and accident reports, witness statements, medical reports, and other information to prove the extent of damages.

We will also negotiate with insurance companies to determine the maximum settlement for the circumstances. When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, we advise our clients to limit their contact with the insurer, as they may unintentionally provide information that can hurt their case. 

Our team can handle all correspondence with the insurance company while keeping you informed every step of the way.

At Cameron Group, a large part of our job involves defending our clients through written demands and, potentially, written complaints.

Your attorney will begin by sending a demand letter to the insurance company after investigating your personal injury claim. The letter will clearly state:

  • Facts regarding injuries sustained by the accident
  • The defendant’s negligence
  • The required settlement to cover damages

If the insurer does not provide a fair settlement after negotiations and a demand letter, your attorney will draft a formal complaint, detailing why the defendant is responsible, concluding with damages our client (you) is seeking. At Cameron Group, our team is ready to fight for you and seek justice for your personal injuries. 

When looking for a personal injury attorney in Sunrise, start with us.

Have a personalized consultation with an attorney.

Many individuals do not file a personal injury claim because they assume they don’t have a case. If this is how you feel, then we recommend that you sit down with an attorney for a consultation. 

We offer a free consultation, where we will review your case and advise you on whether or not you should pursue an injury claim. We ask that you come prepared with a list of questions. 

This is an opportunity for our team to learn about you and your case, but more importantly, for you to determine if we are the right fit for you. 

One important question to ask is if the attorney is comfortable representing you in court if the case goes to trial. It’s important to find a personal injury attorney who is also a trial attorney in Sunrise. 

When you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today. 

No one anticipates a car accident. Whether it’s a fender bender, side collision, or multi-car pile-up, car accidents are dangerous and can be extremely traumatizing. Even the most minor car accidents can cause serious consequences, including neck, spine, and brain injuries. These injuries can completely change the course of your life, causing serious mental, emotional, and financial strains.  

When someone else’s negligence causes your injuries, you expect them to be held accountable. But what happens when they deny responsibility? What happens when there’s conflicting accounts of events, or they attempt to avoid accountability in other ways?  

That’s when Cameron Law Group, your source for a personal injury attorney in Tamarac, comes in. 

Personal Injury Caused by a Hit and Run 

Despite Florida requiring drivers to possess a certain level of car insurance, an estimated 26.7 percent of drivers are uninsured motorists. This may be for a number of reasons such as inability to afford coverage. Uninsured drivers are more likely to flee the scene of an accident to avoid the legal issues and financial responsibility of being an at-fault driver. This is especially true if they have struck a pedestrian, bicyclist, motorcyclist, or other vulnerable person. 

Other reasons one may flee the scene of a car accident include: 

  • Driving under the influence 
  • Carrying illicit substances 
  • Driving without a license 
  • Driving with a suspended license 
  • Having an undocumented occupant 
  • Other illegal activity 

If you are the victim of a hit and run driver, you still have options. First, because Florida is a no-fault state, your insurance provider is responsible for covering costs related to repairs, medical bills, and other covered damages. You will be required to pay your deductible, however, the at-fault driver may still be held responsible for reimbursement, if you are able to identify them. Information such a license plate number and vehicle description can help bring them to justice.  

How to Fight Denial from an At-Fault Driver 

If the driver is identified, but denies being at-fault, a personal injury attorney in Tamarac can help you to prove your case. If a police report has been filed, this can help to determine who is at-fault, as the responding officer will often make that distinction. Should the other driver continue to insist they are not responsible for the accident or your injuries, your case will likely go to court.  

With the aid of a personal injury lawyer, you can build your case to hold the responsible party accountable. Eye witness accounts from anyone who was also in your vehicle or people who may have pulled over to assist can go far in helping your case. If possible, request the responding officer’s testimony as well. They are trained to be able to determine who is at-fault and will be able to explain why the concluded the other driver was responsible. At this time, the other party will also be able to defend their own claims. 

From here, a judge may make one of three rulings: 100 percent responsibility on the part of the other driver, split responsibility between both drivers, or 100 percent responsibility on your part. This judgement will guide your next course of action. A Cameron Law Group personal injury attorney in Tamarac will help you understand your options and make the best decision for you and your recovery. 

Contact us today for your free consultation and to determine how our team can help you. 

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