Call Cameron Law Group for Hurricane Claims in Tamarac

There are many reasons to call Cameron Law Group for hurricane claims in Tamarac. Hurricane season may be passing but the damage caused by hurricanes can take a while to clean up.  In the aftermath of a hurricane, life can be frustrating, confusing and stressful. Homeowners and business owners are frantic making sure family, friends and neighbors are all safe while also worrying about the damage to their property and belongings, and in some cases to personal injuries. 

The team of skilled personal injury lawyers at the Cameron Law Group specializes in working with insurance companies negotiating hurricane claims. Negotiating a claim for a car accident in Tamarac isn’t much different from negotiating the damage claim for your property caused by a hurricane. In both cases, your insurance provider may not be willing to pay out the full amount for damages even though you’ve always paid your premiums on time and in full.  

After experiencing a traumatic event like a hurricane the last problem you need is to be overwhelmed with hurricane claims and insurance companies. So, when your insurance company comes back with a less than fair offer for compensation, what can you do? Call the Cameron Law Group hurricane claims attorneys for the best team of skilled attorneys with years of experience adjusting hurricane insurance claims in South Florida. Our negotiating skills are second to none when it comes to getting our clients fair compensation for the damage to their home or property. You won’t have to live with or accept a denied or underpaid hurricane claim in South Florida when the Cameron Law Group is here to help.   

At Cameron Law Group we like to share helpful tips for our valued clients and the following helpful hints and checklist will ensure that your insurance companies will not be able to wiggle out of paying you the rightful compensation that you are owed for hurricane claims in Tamarac. The most important thing to remember first and foremost is to make sure that you have written documentation for any type of communication with anyone you are dealing with pertaining to your hurricane claims in Tamarac. Always keep written communication of all your conversations to prevent any misunderstanding and to serve as the best evidence between you and someone else. You cannot rely on your memory to recall the important details of these conversations and recalling from memory is not firm support for your case. Here are some other important things to make sure you do: 

  • Find a copy of your Homeowners Policy, Renters Policy, or Business Policy, including the Declaration Page. This tells you the type of coverage and how much you have in coverage. Information like the name and address of the insurance company, with information about the issuing agent, contact information for the correct department when making a claim is all vital to your case. It’s best to store these insurance policies and any other important legal documents in a safe deposit box to insure they cannot be stolen or damaged. 
  • Read and review your policy because there are certain rules that you must follow when filing claim- insurance policies may provide immediate financial assistance with food and shelter expenses.  
  • Make sure you document all property damage-take pictures, videos, notes, statements from eyewitnesses, or any other means by which you can support your claim of loss.  
  • Since insurance company may try to claim that you did not mitigate your damages and that some damage could have been prevented, make sure you do so when it is safe. 
  • Keep receipts that document any kind of expense you had following the hurricane. Money spent for food, housing, repairs, or evacuation costs may be reimbursed, as the insurance company will probably not repay you if there is no written record.  
  • Keep a record in writing of every important date relating to your claim. 
  • Keep each and every adjuster or contractor’s pertinent information. 
  • Don’t sign anything until you have a clear understanding of what you are signing- if you sign the wrong one it would prevent you from receiving full value for the loss you have sustained.  
  • Contact an experienced hurricane claim attorney at The Cameron Law Group as soon as possible who can handle these complex insurance issues and get you the rightful compensation you are owed.  There is only a two-year time limit to file suit for cases such as this. All of these factors will come into play with your insurance claim and this is why you should hire and experienced attorney to protect your rights. 

If you feel like the process of managing your hurricane claims in Tamarac is too much to handle, intimidating, or if you feel like your insurance company is not treating you fairly, you should call Cameron Law Group so that our attorneys can represent your interest. As your personal hurricane claim attorneys, we will work directly for you, not the insurance company and we will negotiate the best possible settlement for your damaged property. At the Cameron Law Group, we understand that hurricanes are a part of life in South Florida, but that doesn’t mean you should have to live with the consequences. From the moment you contact our office for a free consultation through the resolution of your case, our team is dedicated to ensuring your recovery is a top priority.