Wrongful Death: Types and Claims

A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil case different from any criminal charges, even though there may be a criminal investigation into the fatality. A civil case has a lesser burden of evidence than a criminal prosecution for murder or manslaughter. We have reviewed some of the most common types and claims below.

1. Medical Error

When a patient suffers injury due to carelessness or a mistake on the part of a medical professional, a medical error has occurred. Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, poor surgical technique, or even pharmaceutical mistakes may all contribute to these instances. You can reach out to an FL wrongful death attorney for more help.

2. Overdoses and Inadvertent Poisoning

In certain situations, illegal drugs, and prescribed medicines have been known to result in fatalities; in fact, overdose incidents are rising. Even while not all these fatalities result in wrongful death claims, many of them do. Most of these cases make wrongful death settlements hard for attorneys

3. Automobile Mishaps

When private or corporate cars crash, people often sustain injuries. In single-vehicle collisions caused by carelessness, mistake, or a defective product, they may also suffer severe injuries.

4. Bicycle Accidents Involving Pedestrians

FL wrongful death attorney finds these fatalities to be the result of a car hitting a pedestrian or cyclist. Although they may happen anywhere, many of these mishaps can be in or close to school zones.

5. Premise-related Accidents

An incident involving premises responsibility may include a person tripping and stumbling or being hurt by or against an item. It is a legal need for property owners to maintain their premises risk-free.

6. Accidents on Boats or at Sea

A drowning incident might happen in the home or a public pool. It can be at the residence of a friend or family member. Any drowning might be the owner’s guilt if they didn’t properly protect the pool. Wrongful death attorneys might hold boat operators accountable if they cause an accident or don’t offer safety equipment.

7. Accidents and Diseases That Occur at Work

Most individuals know that a work accident may result in a workers’ compensation claim. They may not be aware of the possibility of filing a wrongful death claim if a fatal injury results from an illness or accident at work.

8. Faulty Goods 

Wrongful death attorneys say most producers take great care to ensure the goods they offer are secure for usage by the general population. However, manufacturers should be held accountable when they do not make safe items. Examples of faulty items resulting in wrongful deaths include medications, hazardous food products, containers, risky baby products, toys, and defective automobiles.

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