When Should You Call a Slip and Fall Attorney in Sunrise?

Slip and fall cases are very common, but they can happen in more ways than one might think. Some of the most common places are grocery stores, sidewalks, and public spaces. This leads many Americans yearly on the hunt for a quality slip and fall attorney in Sunrise, and beyond. When you’re involved in a slip and fall case, you’re subject to dangerous outcomes, such as large hospital bills, injuries, and even life-threatening situations. If this accident wasn’t your fault, then you’re entitled to a slip and fall attorney to help you retrieve the compensation you rightfully deserve. This will help cover the loss of work, loss of a paycheck, emotional strain, hospital bills, and recovery bills. In this article, the experts at Cameron Law Group are here to tell you about what qualifies as a slip and fall case, and whom you can reach out to for the compensation that will help put your worries at ease, and your mind to rest. 



  • Work-Related Slip and Fall Attorney in Sunrise 


One of the biggest reasons people hire a slip and fall attorney is because of a work-related injury. There are many, many reasons that this can happen, including loose stairway railings, loose carpet, broken railings, and slippery sidewalks. Often, these injuries are accidental on the businesses’ part, yet, that doesn’t mean that the injuries can go unnoticed, or unpaid for. It is the direct responsibility of employers to ensure that their employees are always safe and secure. This means doing the appropriate maintenance needed to ensure stable walkways, ramps, and doors. 



  • Grocery Stores 


As mentioned above, grocery stores are one of the most dangerous places for slip and fall accidents. The reason being is that someone might spill food or a beverage in an inside isle. Then, they might not tell management. A grocery shopper, like yourself, could walk down that same aisle, looking at the shelving, and not notice the large, hazardous mess in the pathway. Not only are these incidents fatal, but they’re also prone to producing injuries. Again, it is not always on purpose that grocery store managers leave these messes without clean up, as sometimes, they are not aware. However, this is why it is incredibly important for managers to constantly have someone checking the aisleways. It’s important that workers always place wet floor signs in the areas where there is moisture or hazards.



  • Bathrooms 


A wet floor sign is most commonly found inside of bathrooms. It is a warning to customers and employees that the floor has recently been washed. If this sign is missing, and clients or employees aren’t aware, it can become a slip and fall case. Wherever there isn’t appropriate warning signage in eyesight, clients, customers, and employees have the right to file a claim. 



  • Rainy Days 


If you’re out and about on a rainy day in South Florida, then you know how scary it can be walking into a store, restaurant, or deli with slippery shoes, and tile flooring. Again, stores should always place a wet floor sign as a warning, and they should also place rugs out for customers to wipe their shoes upon arrival. This way, customers can dry their feet before dragging in the rainwater. 


Whether you’ve recently been a victim of a slip and fall case, or you’re looking to learn more about what qualifies as a slip and fall case, you’re in the right place. The next step is hiring a slip and fall attorney in Sunrise to help you file your claim. When you’re involved in such a dangerous case, it’s imperative that you have someone who’s willing to fight for you. You’ll want someone who will fight for the compensation that you deserve. This money will help you to heal properly and without worry. Many people who do not file claims find that they could have used the compensation to help them with bills, loss of work, and more. 


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