When Do You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney?

There is nothing more frustrating than suffering from a slip and fall incident, especially when it happens in a place you thought you could trust. Your safety should always be a priority at all shopping centers, apartment complexes, offices, and so on and so forth. After suffering from a slip and fall incident you may be wondering what your next course of action should be. It can be hard to know just what is best for you during a time of stress and potential injury. Figuring out whether or not hiring a slip and fall attorney is necessary can be a difficult decision to make. It most certainly is one that comes with many pros and cons as well. With all there is to consider, it’s important to know that if you do consider going with a slip and fall attorney to represent your case, you can trust us at Cameron Law Group to represent you. We make sure that we sit down with you and understand all angles of your case before finding a game plan that will be best catered to your unique, and specific situation. 

Evaluate Your Injuries

When thinking about hiring a slip and fall attorney such as our experts at Cameron Law Group, you should consider the extent of your injuries. An injury such as a bruise and some scrapes are not worth hiring an attorney over. These injuries will heal within a very short time frame and do not change the course of your life in a dramatic way. However, if you find yourself falling and hitting your head then you may want to have someone represent you. Our experts should handle injuries that put you in the hospital or require surgery, physical therapy, or rehab. These injuries can change the trajectory of your life and are worth fighting for. Not only that, but they also can end up putting a damper on your wallet. Having an attorney represent you will give you justice and the proper amount of compensation for all you have gone through.

How the Fall Occurred

Depending on how the fall occurred is another part of the puzzle to keep in mind. You want to make sure that you evaluate what happened so you know if the property owner is at fault or if your own clumsiness is to blame. Falling is one thing when you are not paying attention and a whole other thing when you are faced head-on with some form of obstacle. The way you fell and what caused it will play a big role in whether an attorney will think your case is worth taking on. Simply tripping and falling after texting will not build a case against the property owner.

Knowledge of Risk

Whether the property owner was in the know about the risk that caused your fall is an important factor to consider. Sometimes the owners of buildings do not come out as often as they should for routine inspections of the building and the damage it may have incurred over time. This can be a recipe for disaster as time goes on. The more damage that occurs the more likely an accident will happen. If you notice that every time you come onto this property that this kind of damage is there and getting worse, then you should call an attorney immediately after your fall. Depending on how negligent you have noticed the owner be can make all the difference in your case. This will directly affect how much compensation you receive for all of the injuries you have gotten as a result of property damage. It will also help to know this information as your attorney can check with those in charge of the property to see if there are any complaints on file about the damage.

At Cameron Law Group we are able and ready to take on your slip and fall case. Whether you slipped because of a wet floor or fell downstairs, we are here for you. Regardless of the situation, we want to see you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Reach out to us today at (954) 472-5645 to come in for your free consultation.