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No surgery is minor. Regardless of what type of surgery you’re getting, it is a serious matter. The last thing anyone wants to hear after the surgery is that an error occurred. However, there is an increasing number of mistakes that appear daily. These errors can lead to devastating injuries.

Injuries from surgical errors can be so extreme that they can involve patients to require lifelong care and treatment. It is essential to have a lawyer when errors are committed during surgery.

Common Causes Of Surgery Errors

The most common types of surgery errors are human errors that can be preventable if more caution and responsibility are taken.


The majority of the cases are ruined due to a lack of professionals conducting the surgery. Surgeons with no or very minimal experience are the ones who end up making surgical errors.

Inadequate Planning

Often professionals and surgeons don’t prepare themselves for the surgery they have to perform. They don’t ensure that the required equipment is there, they don’t need sterile it, they don’t make sure all the machinery is available and working. No discussion on the steps is done either. It leads to an unsuccessful surgery.

Human Error

There is no denying that human error is one of the leading causes of surgical mistakes. A majority of surgeons make mistakes with the technique that they use or the incisions. Additionally, anesthesiologists and nurses responsible for checking you during surgery may forget to monitor your vitals or direct excess medication.


It is no secret that doctors and surgeons work day and night, and even though some hospitals have strict rules about their work hours, it goes without saying that they are under rest and extremely exhausted most of the time. This lack of rest can result in some life-threatening errors throughout the surgery.

Overconsumption Of Alcohol Or Drugs

Most surgeons do fight exhaustion by turning to alcohol or drugs. It helps them remain highly active and attentive during the surgery. However, this is one of the most dangerous practices that the surgeons have adopted and can put the patient’s life in grave danger.


It is another serious issue that exists when surgeons are performing surgery. Often medical specialists mishear or misread directions over the phone or due to handwritten notes by a senior surgeon, resulting in some severe mistakes that can cost the patient their life.

Unsanitary Conditions

There is a common misconception that a hospital and surgical room will be the cleanest and most germ-free room compared to every other place. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the opposite. Due to human error and a lack of responsibility taken on the hospital’s part, surgical instruments are left contaminated, which can cause the patient to get infected with germs during surgery.

Common Types Of Surgery Errors

These common types of surgery errors are life-threatening. These can complicate the life of a patient and their family.

Operating The Wrong Body Part

Even though this seems hard to believe, there have been several instances where surgeons have operated on the wrong side of the body’s part, resulting in more scars and putting the patient’s life at greater risk. If the surgeon doesn’t realize their mistake mid-surgery, the result can be removing a body part or operating on the side with no issues.

Unplanned Openings

Reckless or unplanned surgeons can end up causing incisions on the wrong part of the body. It happens when the doctor initially has not planned where to put the mark and then decides to cut some more when they feel that the area is inadequate to do the surgery.

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