How to Get Your Hurricane Claims in Sunrise Paid Quickly

In South Florida, hurricanes are among the most damaging storms for those living along the coast and low-lying areas. They come out of nowhere, and it seems like your life is turned upside down when a major hurricane passes through the region. 

You feel violated but are confused about putting your life back together to recover from the loss. Sometimes, the bureaucratic nature of insurance companies and the slow process of settling claims make things worse. You need money and don’t want these delays to slow down your recovery from the storm, but you also need to file a claim and deal with the insurance claim.

The key to getting hurricane claims in Sunrise resolved is to follow specific, actionable steps before and after the storm. It makes things more manageable, and you can quickly deal with the loss and go about living your life. Keep reading to learn more!

Create an Inventory List

The most effective way of getting your hurricane claims in Sunrise paid promptly requires having an inventory list of your possessions. The best approach is to build this list in advance and keep it up to date for any changes in your property. You can use spreadsheets to create it step-by-step and store the information on a cloud-based solution. 

In the process, you want to take pictures of the most important items and include them in the spreadsheet. You should also scan or take photos of the original receipts and save them with the other materials. 

After a storm comes through, you can access the information from the cloud and use it to show the extent of the damages. The insurance company will ask you for it, so having it prepared in advance is the key to dealing with your property claims in Sunrise. 

Contact the Insurance Company

Once you realize there is a need to file a hurricane claim, it is critical to contact the insurance company right away. There is a limited amount of time you have for filing a claim with them on the damages (three years from the date of the storm). 

The sooner you contact them, the quicker they can help you, with other people reaching out to the carrier wanting assistance. The longer you wait, the more delays you will experience, so it’s best to act fast.  

Be Present when the Adjuster Arrives

Settling your hurricane claim in Sunrise requires setting an appointment with their adjuster. These are trained professionals the insurance company hires to come out and inspect the property damage. 

After major storms, it could take weeks for them to get to you from the backlog of claims. No matter what, it is critical to be there when they arrive to show them the damage and explain what happened. 

Sometimes, it is advisable to bring a contractor to this meeting to back up the claims and explain what it takes to f repair everything fully. Once the repairs begin and there are additional damages, you want to notify the insurance company right away of what was discovered. Talking with the adjuster one-on-one is the key to ensuring they understand the damages and what should be done to fix everything. 

Keep a List of Expenses after the Storm

If you have to go live somewhere else, it is advisable to keep a list of all expenses and receipts while you are away. The insurance company will help to pay for the costs of a hotel room, food, and may offer funds in advance of settling the claim. The key is to have receipts showing the costs and how much you lost from making alternative arrangements. This makes things easier when settling the claim.

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These steps make the process of settling hurricane claims in Sunrise easier, and it helps them to go smoother. The things you do before and after the storm determine how much money you receive and when the claim is settled. Call Cameron Law Group today at 954-472-5645 to see how we can help you with your hurricane and property claims.