Five Legal Myths You Should Know

Law and legal issues are complex, and often, you’re bound to get a few facts wrong, but that’s alright; we have legal professionals- and the internet- to guide us through.  

However, you would be shocked to know that there are quite a few elements that most people believe to be true that are, in fact, myths! 

Law is about clarity, transparency, and complete understanding. And you need to understand the legal aspects to make the ideal decisions. That’s why you must ensure that you’re not believing a legal myth and spoiling your legal matters. 

Are you interested in knowing such legal myths? Law Coral Springs, FL, Florida lists down five legal beliefs that are misconceptions in reality. 

Police Officers Don’t And Can’t Lie. 

It’s astounding when people believe that the police can’t ever lie to you. Here’s something 

that will shock you to the core: the police aren’t forced to always speak the truth to you or never lie during their investigation. They can even make misleading statements for cornering suspects and solving the cases. 

After all, if the police weren’t permitted to lie, how could they have gone undercover to lure the suspects? They couldn’t. And when asked, “Are you a cop?” they wouldn’t hesitate to say no either. 

You can deal with the insurance company by yourself 

If you’ve got a personal injury, auto accident, or disaster claim, an insurance company is one of the first places you’ll call. But here’s a catch. You can’t handle insurance matters by yourself. And you shouldn’t try and dig yourself deeper into the mess either. 

Insurance firms are quick to undervalue your claims and save their money. They find loopholes and use their years’ worth of expertise to offer you the least possible settlement figure. 

My heirs inherit my shares. 

Writing a will doesn’t mean you’ve successfully secured the future of your heirs, and your beneficiaries will receive what you want them to. 

You must understand the local regulations and laws to help you evaluate if your financial assets and stocks will transfer to your legal heirs. Your attorney can also offer consultation on the potential hurdles your inheritors might face with inheriting stocks, mutual funds, or other securities. 

You Can’t Be Charged With Public Intoxication Or DUI On Private Property. 

Being on private property doesn’t mean you’re free from getting a DUI. Drinking in your driveway is alright. But acting irresponsible and being loud enough to grab the attention of the cops is another thing. You can expect DUI charges based on public intoxication under these circumstances. 

You may simply be sitting inside your parked car with the keys deep inside your bag and still get a DUI. So, the next time you’re enjoying a quick drink outside, do be aware of your surroundings and your potentially loud and rambunctious acts. 

No One Can Challenge Out Of Court Settlement 

If you’re settling charges outside of court, there’s a reason we suggest undergoing these procedures under the supervision of your attorney. Informal settlements might seem time and cost-effective, they can still land you in bigger trouble. If the other party sues you for coercion or fraud, you can very well go to court. 

If you’re thinking about the out-of-court settlement, we suggest discussing the options and implications with your lawyer. They’ll help you determine the best path for your circumstances and what to do if you’re challenged in the court. 

Professional Legal Guidance Is One Click Away! 

If you’re trying to understand legal beliefs and eradicate myths and misconceptions, seeking guidance from legal experts is the safest way to go about it. The professionals can also offer effective case evaluation and assist you through law-related challenges. 

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