Examples of Wrongful Death Claims

People can claim many different types of lawsuits when they feel that an event or person has happened that has caused them great harm. Wrongful death claims are undertaken by a person when they feel like an individual or an entity acting in a way that caused the death of another human being. The death may be intentional or accidental. However, in any case, the deceased person’s family or estate can file a wrongful death suit for compensation.  

Several factors and situations can cause wrongful deaths in areas like Tamarac, FL. Read on as we give you some examples of wrongful death claims.  

Vehicle/Car Accidents 

Car accidents are the most common example of wrongful death claims. One reason for this increase in car accidents is the increasing number of drivers and cars. The growing number of cars leads to a growing number of fatalities every year. 

Many car accidents occur due to negligence by at least one driver. Drivers don’t always adhere to the rules set out by the transport authority. They may resort to speeding, reckless driving, or driving under the influence. The drivers’ negligence can be liable for the deaths of anyone involved in car accidents, including other drivers and any other pedestrians who were on the road at the time.  

If the accident was due to a bump in the road or missing infrastructure like a stop sign, then the county or regulatory bodies are liable for the crime.  

Medical Malpractice  

One of the significant places where a mistake can lead to death is in the hospital. The overwhelming majority of doctors and nurses are highly equipped to deal with any problems they may encounter with their patients. However, they are still human, which may go wrong due to human error. Medical personnel are also highly overworked, which may cause them to cut corners or not give a situation due attention.  

Medical malpractice in Tamarac, FL can lead to an unfortunate situation as one mistake can lead to the death of a patient. Wrongful death is most likely to happen if a doctor makes an incorrect diagnosis or fails to identify the health issue in due time. Doctors can also make errors during surgery that can lead to major problems or wrongful death that they then have to pay total compensation.  

Slip And Fall Mishaps  

Sometimes accidents happen due to a lack of signage in place. People can slip and fall and lose their lives. A person is liable if someone has a slip and fall, or dies due to their actions. However, since a person can’t be held accountable for another person slipping and falling, the lawsuit is generally taken against the company or county where the fall occurs. The deceased’s family will look at the scenario and choose what to do.  

An example of this would be a person slipping on the wet floor of a Starbucks and dying on impact due to the lack of signage indicating there’s a wet floor. In this case, both Starbucks and its employees at the location will be held responsible. 

Defective Products  

If a person dies due to a defective product, the company manufacturing the product will be held liable for a wrongful death claim. Product liability is the primary reason so many manufacturers in Tamarac, FL spend an awful lot of time trying their best to test their products and prove that it doesn’t unintentionally harm someone else.  

This defective product could be anything; it could be a batch of toxic foodstuff or a pacemaker that stops working midways. Since the defect caused death, the company will have to pay all the money back to the family of the deceased. This amount could include lost earnings, employment benefits, pain, suffering, and medical bills. 


If two people get into a fight and one’s actions kill the other person, the deceased’s family can hold a wrongful death claim against the other person. The attorney of the deceased’s family will have to prove that the killer had an intention to kill so that they can receive compensation. 

Accidents at the Workplace 

Occupations with high hazard risks exist, such as manual labor and construction jobs. However, with such occupations, the company has to ensure that they follow their employees’ health and safety guidelines. If an employee dies on the job in Tamarac, FL, the family has the means to file a wrongful death claim. 

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