Attorney Stephen Cameron Marks 20 Years Fighting for the Rights of the Injured

Cameron and the firm represent victims of car accidents, medical malpractice or any kind of negligence. They know that the pain, fear and uncertainty resulting from an accident can make healing a challenge. “We listen attentively to your story and aggressively pursue the compensation you are owed and deserve,” added Cameron.

In addition to his 20-year milestone, Cameron, a 30-year mindfulness practitioner, introduced his firm to the practice of mindfulness in the workplace. The entire firm recently completed an eight-week mindfulness course through Aham Education, a non-profit social investment initiative that Cameron supports. The firm is now able to provide a different level of service as employees are able to use the stress reduction technique when faced with challenges.

“Serving clients from a place of stillness and attention facilitates efficient communication,” noted Cameron. “We use mindfulness techniques in practice daily at the office and in life. This enables the firm to approach law practice from a holistic angle.”

The firm’s employees are realizing big benefits, both professionally and personally, as a result of this. “Our clients are happy as well,” concluded Cameron. “It’s not without its challenges, however, but it’s an overall a good thing to have done.”

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