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Accidents can happen anywhere, even in a store. Customers can be injured while shopping in a store due to the negligence of the store or its employees. When this happens, the store may be liable for the customer’s injury.

What is Negligence?

Negligence is defined as the failure to use reasonable care when doing something. This means that the store or its employees must take reasonable precautions to keep customers safe while in the store. If the store fails to do so, and a customer is injured, the store may be liable for the injury.

What Types of Injuries May Occur in a Store?

Some of the most common types of injuries that may occur in a store include slip and fall accidents, injuries caused by defective products, and injuries caused by hazardous conditions.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common types of injuries that occur in stores and most of the time customers require the help of a Slip and Fall Attorney. These types of accidents can occur when a customer slips on a wet floor, trips over debris or an obstruction, or slips on a rug or carpet. In order for a store to be liable for a slip and fall accident, the store must have been negligent in keeping the area safe. This means that the store must have failed to take reasonable precautions to prevent these types of accidents.

Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Injuries can also occur when a customer is using a product that is defective. In these cases, the store may be liable for the injury if it failed to properly inspect the product or failed to warn the customer of any potential dangers associated with the product.

Injuries Caused by Hazardous Conditions

Hazardous conditions in a store can also lead to injuries. This can include poor lighting, slippery floors, or poor signage. If a customer is injured due to a hazardous condition, the store may be liable if it failed to take reasonable steps to make the area safe for customers.

What Can a Customer Do if They Are Injured in a Store?

If a customer is injured in a store, they should seek medical attention immediately. After that, the customer should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their legal options. An attorney can help the customer understand their rights and determine if the store is liable for the injury.


If you have been injured in a store, it is important to understand your rights. Contact our experienced personal injury attorneys at Cameron Law Group in Tamarac Florida who can help you understand your rights and determine if the store is liable for your injuries. We have extensive experience handling store liability cases and can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Cameron Law Group today to discuss your case.

When you’re injured through a slip and fall accident, your medical care could be more intensive than you expect. If your accident occurred on property that is owned by another individual, you may be able to prove that their negligence led to your injuries. In that case, trust Cameron Law Group to help you seek damages.


Rely on Years of Experience

When you need to seek damages for your injuries, you’ll want to work with an attorney who has the right type of experience. We have years of practical experience in handling slip and fall cases. This means we know how to prove the negligence of the responsible party, and we’ll be ready to counter any defense they might assert. Since slip and fall cases typically deal with similar types of accidents and injuries, we have the knowledge and expertise to build a stronger case on your behalf. You’ll have a better chance of obtaining a favorable outcome in your case when you work with a slip and fall attorney in Sunrise, FL.


Get Help With Interviews

It’s important to contact our law firm as early in the claims process as possible since we can help you submit a claim that’s less likely to get declined. Once the insurance company receives your claim, they will send out an adjuster to investigate the accident. This involves interviewing you to verify your version of the accident. The high-pressure tactics the adjuster uses can confuse and overwhelm you, but, if you have an attorney present, they will ensure the interview is fair. Your lawyer will help protect your rights and make sure your statements aren’t taken out of context.


Learn How to Help Your Case

An experienced slip and fall attorney in Sunrise, FL will also advise you on ways to protect your claim. The legal team at Cameron Law Group knows the tactics that insurance companies use to discredit claimants. We can advise you on the best practices for protecting your claim as we move forward with your case. This might involve advising you to limit your social media activity and to avoid talking publicly about your case. You might also be advised to cancel plans to attend special events.


While it might seem as though your attorney is being overly cautious, online statements and pictures of yourself engaged in strenuous activities can be used to imply your injuries aren’t serious. Our legal team will make these suggestions to help you obtain a more favorable outcome in your claim.


Negotiate on Your Behalf

Before your claim goes to court, there will be a period of negotiation that may result in an acceptable settlement offer. While you shouldn’t accept an offer without an attorney, our legal team has the negotiating skills that will help them deal with the insurance company. We can negotiate for a fairer settlement. In many cases, this period of negotiating a settlement is successful and will help you avoid having to pursue your case in civil court. If suing for damages does become necessary, we will represent you in court and help you build a strong case.


Contact Cameron Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation. During the meeting, you’ll receive an evaluation of your slip and fall claim. This can help you determine the best course of action in pursuing damages for your injuries.