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Why FL Residents Should Know Their Rights During Covid-19

Last year, the state of Florida passed four new laws that override federal COVID-19 mandates. Read on to see who was the most impacted.

The Demand for Legal Assistance During a Pandemic

In November 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis signed several laws to ban forced vaccinations and public masking for public and private employees, as well as students. His intentions are to give FL residents a choice in protecting themselves during the pandemic. While federal mandates protect those who may be exempt for medical or religious reasons, the local ban also protects the following:

  • People believed to have natural immunity (previous infection)
  • Women planning to get pregnant or who are already pregnant
  • Individuals employed by private companies that use personal protective equipment provided by their employer

How Do These Laws Affect People Like Me?

The world is still greatly affected by the pandemic, and residents of Coral Springs are no exception. This means that you’re still strongly encouraged to use caution when in public places or gatherings. It also lets you know that you shouldn’t be harassed or terminated, based on a single person’s beliefs.

Other states, like California and New York, have strict protocols in place and this is mostly because these places have a much larger population. Smaller locations often function with a little more leeway. So far, local laws haven’t caused an uptick in the number of hospitalizations or fatalities. However, there are some who’d rather take the law into their own hands, even though the state has imposed hefty fines for going against these mandates.

What Can Lawyers Do?

If you or someone you know has been suspended or expelled from work or school for refusing to get vaccinated, a lawyer can help you get justice. We know that time away from work or school creates financial hardships and sometimes it’s not easy to just “cut back” on expenses. At some companies, those in charge are so greatly feared that employees may be intimidated.

As a Florida resident, you are entitled to compensation for being treated unjustly. At the Cameron Law Group, we believe in getting you the compensation you rightfully deserve. The laws were made to protect citizens like you and give you options for protection during COVID-19. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s refusal to follow the law.

How Does the Process Work?

If you feel harassed to get tested, receive a vaccine, or are treated unfairly due to your personal beliefs, speaking with a lawyer is the best solution. The reason is many people either speculate, use unreliable sources or say anything to create an argument. Even if things don’t escalate physically, it’s best to contact lawyers who are trained to fight for you legally instead.

Call us anytime for a consultation. Coral Springs and other FL residents can talk to lawyers who fight for you until the very end. We want to make sure you feel safe at work or school and that your rights are protected.